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No More Regret! 3 Tips For Putting Your New Year's Resolutions To Work!

Resolutions are statements about whether to do or not to do something. We make them, especially as we enter into a new year, hoping they will encourage us to make shifts and changes in our quality of living. The problem is that when it comes time to implement them, most folks become easily discouraged, give up, and abandon them as quickly as they were made.  Unfortunately, after our good intentions have failed once again, we feel embarrassed. We feel regret.. and lots of it. Although there are books written on this topic, we're going to keep it simple. Let's take a look at Three Tips For Putting Your New Year's Resolutions To Work! Tip One: Start with realistic specific goals.  One reason resolutions don't work is because folks avoid addressing "roadblocks." As you begin thinking about the changes or shifts you want to make, be honest with yourself about your current reality. What obstacles do you face?   What is your weekly schedule demanding of you n