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Day 3: While others await wellness, how do we embrace a "Restorative Response"?

We have been discussing wellness. In Day 1:  Wellness awaits each of us. Why is it that only some people choose it?, we examined three insights - Pain, Perspective, and Purpose.  In Day 2: Wellness awaits each of us. Why is that some people don't choose it?, we explored three underlying explanations - Needs, Norms and a New Normal, and Network of Enabling. In Day 3, we will conclude this series with another important wellness question.

As do many other individuals, I believe that wellness is a journey. For those of us who have chosen to travel its path, we find ourselves working our programs or processes on a daily basis. There is no question - it is hard work! And, it is worth it. At times, however, many individuals working their wellness routines find themselves in relationships with loved ones, friends, family members, co-workers, etc. who are traveling a different path - one of unhealthiness. Today, we are going to explore...

While others await wellness, how do we embrace a re…