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Energy Zapper #6: Information Saturation! Take The Quiz!! 3 Tips for Staying Recharged!!

We are discussingEnergy Zappers! What are they? Habits or social behaviors which are a part of our everyday life, but unfortunately they do very little to enhance our sense of well-being! Why? Because they deplete us! Take a look at our five precious zappers - Giving Advice , Drama , and Worry , Negativity, and   Shame - Part One and Shame - Part Two - before reading our final Energy Zapper #6: Information Saturation! After having two serious blogs on Shame, let's have a bit of fun with this one! Before we get started, please take this little Information Saturation Quiz! The only requirement is that you are honest! And no one else needs to see your answers!

Answer yes for 'almost always' and no for 'mostly never'. If a question does not apply to you, just skip it. Okay, here we go.
1. I am on more than 5 social networking sites or accounts?                                            Yes          No
2. I post, tweet, upload, share information, etc. at least 10 times…

Energy Zapper #5: Shame! 3 Healing Rays for Re-Emergence!

* Please note - this blog contains sensitive material. Suggested for mature audiences.

In our previous blog Energy Zapper #5: Shame! Taking Shame Out Of Its Shadows! ,we discussed the unique anatomy of shame and its three sources of causation – betrayal by someone, betrayal of someone, and betrayal of self. To get the most out of today’s blog, please go back and take a read. And then get ready to move on to part two: Shame! 3 Healing Rays for Re-Emergence!
As we move out of the shadows of shame, let’s remind ourselves of what shame is through this acronym. S = SelfH = HatredA = AndM = MalignantE= Embarrassment Read it again ~Self -Hatred And Malignant Embarrassment ~

It’s a heavy emotion. It’s dark and debilitating. And, left unattended, it smothers one’s body, mind and spirit. How then, do we begin to re-emerge from shame?As we start, read and ponder this healing acronym. S = SharedH = HealingA = And                                                                                M = Mi…

Energy Zapper #5: Shame! Taking Shame Out Of Its Shadows!

We have been discussing Energy Zappers! What are they? For the most part, they are habits or social behaviors which are a part of our everyday life, but unfortunately do very little to enhance our sense of well-being. Why? Because they deplete us!  If you haven’t had a chance to read them, go back and review  #1 - Giving Advice#2 - Drama ,#3- Worry #4 -Negativity.You might find them helpful in keeping yourself energized! Today, we are going to take a bit of a departure and talk about a zapper that really isn’t a habit or social behavior – it is an emotion. However, because of the silence, secrecy, and stigma around this emotion – it often goes unattended and unaddressed – eroding the core of our beings. What is Energy Zapper #5?  It is... Shame. And because of the complexity of shame–its anatomy, its sources of causation, and its unique healing considerations – we will spend two blogs on this zapper!

Over the past couple of years, it seems as though there has been more of an inte…