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Get Ready to Get Empowered! Part I - Podcast Series

Jedlie of We Choose Respect Podcast & Holli Kenley
~ Another Way Wednesday ParentCast ~
An entertaining and informative series about the characters, the story-line, and the lessons in "Another Way"!
Parents, Youth, and Youth Leaders! Get a copy of "Another Way" and follow along! Or, take a listen and learn! Either way...
Get Ready to Get Empowered!
Another Way Wednesday Series!

Parents and Guardians, because we respect you...please note this series is for you and your children - ages 11 and over.We recommend you listen first, and then listen with them! 

Introduction - Meet The Characters & Discover What "Another Way" Can Do For You!

Who is it for and why is it important?

Another Way  is for YOU: parents/guardians, youth and youth leaders, mentors, or counselors.

Another Way is a compass - a roadmap - a tool - to guide our young people in making healthy decisions!  

Lesson One - It Feels Right

What are our kids thinking today about social or at-risk�…