Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Birthday Reminder

Meredith was regretting her upcoming birthday. It was a day that signaled all that was still left undone and all the she had yet to accomplish. Most significantly, it would be a reminder that it was the start of another year without a partner, someone with whom she deeply desired to share her life. And there really was no one else to blame for that, just herself. With the economy taking a downward fall, Meredith has immersed herself into her work. She took on extra jobs and clients in order to pay bills, to make up for the loss in her 401K, and still to set a savings aside for emergencies and such. Not the work, nor the bills, nor the continual bad news would slow the arrival of her dreaded day - her 60th birthday.

Meredith arranged to take a few days off to visit one of her sisters. After a hectic week at work, she flew to the serene mountain surroundings of family who loved her dearly. Time with them would ease the momentous occasion and all that it signified. Meredith cherished the warmth and comfort that her sister's family provided, filling in the spaces left void by time alone.

On her second full day amidst the serene beauty that nurtured her, Meredith prepared for a family luncheon to officially commemorate her day. At around 11:30 am, other guests started arriving. One by one, special long time friends entered the home. Flying in from and driving from far away places, these loyal women came to honor their friend. Nothing would keep them away. As each one came through the entry way to surprise their beloved friend, Meredith felt her heart swell leaving the void just a little less empty.

Over the course of the afternoon, the house was filled with laughter, love, and large amounts of delicious foods. During the luncheon, each woman took a turn reflecting on her relationship to Meredith, from its inception to its present day standing. Words of respect, admiration, and of unconditional regard towards one another reverberated throughout the dozen or so messages. During the gift giving, it was clear that each woman created a present filled with personal meaning and heartfelt treasure. Meredith's sisters and a close family friend put together a musical skit which highlighted their "growing up years". Every one's tummies ached from laughing, not just at the words but at the talent before them.

The afternoon lingered on with a warm coziness filling the room. No one wanted it to end. As Meredith dried the tears from her face and looked around at her circle of longtime companions, she realized how full her life was. The ache inside her melted away, replaced with gratitude and blessing.

This 60th birthday indeed took on new meaning. No longer was it a reminder of what Meredith didn't have or hadn't done; it was a birthday to celebrate loyalty and love. She had them both in abundance. What a perfect day.

Wellness tip: When you are having a difficult day or going through a hard time, find comfort in being with those who treat you with love and respect. Allow their presence to lift you up.

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