Thursday, May 7, 2015

How To Live Your Life "Another Way"!

The degree of access or exposure to or consumption of anything is a predictor to the degree of consequence – either positive or negative. 

When it comes to social behaviors, experimentation, and individuation, we often hear that today’s teens are no different from other generations.  Each generation faces its challenges and formulates its cultural and behavioral norms accordingly. At the same time, as advancements in our technological world have increased the degree of access or exposure to, or consumption of anything at an alarming rate, we often lag behind in preparation for or intervention with the ensuing consequences of our children’s choices - either positive or negative.

Get Ready To Live Your Life "Another Way"!

As a former public educator for almost thirty years and as a twenty year Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have taken special interest in the well-being of young people and their individual struggles.  Focusing much of my work in the recovery areas of abuse and trauma, I honed my skills around conceptualizations of individual worth and their relationship to personal choice.  With a heavy heart and a sense of responsibility to create a healthy alternative to external forces of influence on young people today, I offer Another Way inviting readers (both young and adult) on an intimate journey into the lives of teenagers as they make personal choices around social behaviors and offering them a pathway for self-discovery and empowerment.  

Meet Chloe Wheeler

Blending together psychologically-based cognitive-behavioral methodologies and narrative skills, I set out to weave together a compassionate story of two high school freshmen best friends – Chloe and Amanda – and of their respective romances.  Although 14 year-old Chloe Wheeler isn't sure she is ready for sex, Amanda quickly becomes sexually active with Blair Stevens. Searching for guidance, both girls begin attending a local nondenominational church where Pastor Rick Summers is leading a series of talks on sex, entitled Another Way.  

Without judgement or condemnation, through the voice of Rick Summers    
Meet Amanda Hill
and the lessons of Another Way, readers explore the attitudes and beliefs behind young peoples’ thinking and reveals how their personal worth plays an integral role in their decision-making process.  As the story unfolds – with relationships intensifying, painful break-ups unfolding, sexting scandals compromising individual rights and character, and friendships nearly being destroyed – Chloe and her boyfriend, Tyrell, tap into the most powerful lesson in Another Way – how to define and determine their own worth and how to make decisions based on their levels of readiness.

Meet Tyrell Fields

 As this generation and ensuing others continue to face an increase in the    degree of access or exposure to or consumption of anything, Another Way equips and prepares young people and their care-takers by offering a compassionate pathway in choosing a well-informed response.
Another Way contains:
  • Book Club Questions
  • Individual activities and exercises
  • A powerful parenting section - Offering Another Way To Parents

Meet Youth Pastor Rick Summers
Additional free downloads and materials are available at Holli Kenley Website - Another Way for all audiences:

  • Tweens to Teens
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Youth Leaders, Mentors, Pastors, and Counselors                                       
Get Ready To Get Empowered! Get Ready To Live Your Life...
                                    Another Way!

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