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Get Ready to Get Empowered! Part I - Podcast Series


~ Another Way Wednesday ParentCast ~

An entertaining and informative series about the characters, the story-line,
and the lessons in "Another Way"!

Parents, Youth, and Youth Leaders!
Get a copy of "Another Way" and follow along!
Or, take a listen and learn! Either way...

Get Ready to Get Empowered!

Another Way Wednesday Series!

Parents and Guardians, because we respect you...please note this series is for you and your children - ages 11 and over.We recommend you listen first, and then listen with them! 

 Introduction - Meet The Characters & Discover What "Another Way" Can Do For You!

                        Who is it for and why is it important?

Another Way  is for YOU: parents/guardians, youth and youth leaders, mentors, or counselors.

Another Way is a compass - a road-map - a tool - to guide our young people in making healthy decisions!  




What are our kids thinking today about social behaviors? Who or what influences their thinking?

 Another Way introduces the differences between the concepts of "feeling ready" and "feeling it is right".
Another Way introduces the importance of "feeling like you matter".

Lesson Two - Am I Ready?

 What other messages does our culture send to our children about social behaviors? Who or what influences their thinking?



Another Way provides kids with a process for discovering who they are, what hey want, and how to make decisions  based on their their individual levels of "readiness".

 Another Way promotes the importance and power of personal worth and of "each one of us matters".

Lesson Three - He Really Loves Me

What do readiness and worth have to do with making healthy decisions? Why is it important for our children to feel like they matter?

Another Way provides tools for each person to discover what is means to be "ready".

Another Way engages young people in a process of self-evaluation, finding our why it is important to value themselves and how a strong sense of self-worth empowers healthy decision-making.

Lesson Four - I Don't Belong Here 

What happens when our children's choices don't support their worth? How can we empower our children to make decisions which support what is important to them?



 Another Way empowers young  people as  they discover how their choices impact their worth and how their worth impacts their choices.

Another Way offers parents and their children tools for making healthy changes.
Another Way connects parents with their children as parents learn effective tools for communicating about individual worth and value.

How can we teach our children to be honest with themselves about their choices?  How can we help our children create ownership for their choices and cultivate their self-worth?   

Another Way introduces the concept of the power of self-respect.

Another Way empowers our children with healthy strategies as they discover how to be honest with themselves, their choices, and with the outcomes of their decisions.


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Lessons Six - Nine 

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