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There is a season for being self-consumed.

Each one of us experiences tragedy, trails and tribulations. It is part of life. Thanks to the advancements in mental health care and to the acceptance and support of society to advocate for a myriad of recovery programs or processes, we tend to give ourselves permission to take the time we need to heal. This is good. At the same time, there is a tendency to remain in that needy state far too long and it takes its toll on us as well as on family, friends, and other acquaintances. In order to embrace fully our potential for wellness, we must also comes to terms with the idea that there is a season for being self-consumed. When we are are suffering, hurting, or enduring the most painful and chronic situations, it is absolutely necessary to put our focus inward. Our energy, time, and resources must go towards putting forth every effort possible to address and alleviate our physiological and well as psychological symptoms, manifestations, or disorders. And although there is no time-tabl