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Women and Girls - How do you define and determine your worth?

Women and Girls... If someone asks you how you define your worth, what would you say?  And if asked how you determine your worth - in other words - do you chose it or do you allow it to happen randomly, what would you say? Take a minute and answer the first question.  How do you define your worth?  Be very honest with yourself. If you are not sure, do this simple exercise.  Draw a circle - let's call this your "worth circle" . Inside the circle, divide it up into pieces that represent the people, places, things, jobs/careers, hobbies, any friendships or relationships, etc. that you invest into.  When we talk about investing, we mean your time, energy, and any resources that you put into someone or something.  When you are done, stop and look over the different percentages.   Although there will be exceptions, most likely the people, places, and things that you invest into more strongly will be the components that give you worth. For example, if you spend a