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Staying Mentally Well During COVID: Own Your Relapse, Release Your Shame, & Get Back On Track!

The past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been hard on everyone . In the past several blogs of Staying Mentally Well During COVID-19, we have discussed the psychological, physical, and economic toll it has taken on us. And, we have covered a few healing strategies for managing the myriad of stresses and their accompanying symptoms (*see below). Today, it is important to talk about Relapse - a sensitive topic which is impacting almost everyone in some form and to some degree.   Before you say to yourself, "Well, I'm not an addict or alcoholic,"  please read on. We relapse anytime we fall back or regress into, or return to any kind of unhealthy relationship or pattern of thinking, behaving, or feeling after a period of  stability or wellness. Over the past several months, I have listened to clients as they beat themselves up in the followings ways: For giving up on their healthy eating choices For blowing up at their kids after managing their ang

"Educated" Reminds Us, Speaking Truth About Abuse Comes At A Cost. Speak It Anyway.

Recently, I finished reading  Tara Westover's powerful memoir, "Educated."  This blog is neither a review of her work or a critique of its content. It is about its offerings. I think one of the extraordinary gifts of "Educated" is Ms. Westover's willingness to share her story with raw and rarely revealed levels of vulnerability. I was completely taken by this book. Why?  Because "Educated" Reminds Us, Speaking Truth About Abuse Comes At A Cost. And, Tara Westover, chose to Speak It Anyway . Speaking Truth About Abuse Comes At A Cost Folks often question why victims don't speak up or why they don't speak up sooner about their abuse. Although there are many reasons for not doing so and individual circumstances vary greatly,   Tara Westover's memoir courageously unveils the costs of speaking truth about abuse and bravely unearths their painful consequences.  Let's explore three areas of cost: Being Shamed Being Shattered Bein