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Parent Tech Trap: How Do I Know What Is Best For My Children?

I thought it was hard raising my daughter in the 80's and 90's.  Of course, there were challenges, but my heart goes out to parents and guardians who are currently raising children. I think it is much more difficult and dangerous today. Why? Two reasons. First, our children's degree of access and exposure to and consumption of anything  has increased exponentially, especially to technology. Secondly, social normative behaviors have conditioned us into believing that if we don't go with the flow, our children will miss out.  Let's examine how responsible adults can navigate the Parent Tech Trap and find answers to the question, "How Do I Know What Is Best For My Children?"                                                                         Who I Am Matters.  What I Do As A Parent or Guardian Matters.                                                                                            In answering the question "How do I know what is b