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Blindsided by the Betrayal Bandit? What is behind the mask?

We are talking about betrayal.  If you missed last week's blog, take a minute a read  Blindsided by the Betrayal Bandit? Hold on...Help is on the way!  Today, we are going to continue breaking through betrayal by finding out what is going on when we say the words "I feel so betrayed".  It's pretty common that when the word betrayal is mentioned, most minds go to issues of infidelity. Of course, it includes breaking trust in a relationship, but sadly there are many other kinds of betrayal .  Let's take a look and see...   What is behind the mask of the betrayal bandit!? As we peel away the bandit's mask, we will discover there are three faces of betrayal. When we say the words, "I feel so betrayed", we have been blindsided by one of more of them.  #1 - We have invested into someone or something. Our investment was met with rejection or abandonment. Rejection or Abandonment This  investment into someone or something could be a

Blindsided by the Betrayal Bandit? Hold on...Help is on the way!

Betrayal is an ugly word.  Worse yet is experiencing it. It's life-shattering and life-altering. Nothing is the same after a betrayal or many betrayals. It's like an earthquake has gone off inside us; everything imploding at once. We can taste, hear, see, smell and feel the devastation. It consumes us. If you have been blindsided by the Betrayal Bandit, the purpose of the next series of blogs is not to depress you even more!  I promise!   The purpose is to bring you hope and healing.  I know betrayal well.  I experienced it as a young girl and  I became well-acquainted with it as an adult. I've worked with many clients who experienced all kinds of betrayal.  I've studied betrayal and analyzed it. I've spent hours upon hours dissecting its anatomy so that I could figure out what is going on with us when we are betrayed. Then, I set out on a mission to design a healing program tailored specifically for recovery from betrayal. And now, I want to share my knowled