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Why Is Betrayal Injury So Painful? The Betrayal Whisperer Is Here To Help!

We are discussing Betrayal.  In Week One, we discussed "Feeling Stuck in Betrayal? The Betrayal Whisperer Is Here To Help!!  Please read  Betrayal Week One and then join us in our discussion here. None of us plans for a betrayal.  Perhaps, if we could, it would be less painful because we would have the opportunity to prepare for it. However, that is part of the insidious nature of betrayal. It is completely unexpected, unimaginable, and undeserving. Thus, not only are we blindsided but we feel lost in its upheaval. What is going on? Why is betrayal injury so painful? The Betrayal Whisperer is here again to help! States of Being* Many folks have heard of the "stages of grief." When we experience loss of any kind, we move through the stages of grief such as  anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.* However, when we are betrayed, we move through three States of Being.* These three States of Being  describe not only what we are feeling and experiencing