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Screen Time: Is it a harmonious passion or an obsessive passion? Take the quiz!

Because I am interested in the issue of screen dependence and internet addiction, I read almost everything that comes across my desk.  A few months ago, I devoured  Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked  (2017) by New York Times bestselling author Adam Alter.  An expert in the field of addiction, Alter offers his readers a short quiz to assess their online(screen) usage. For today's blog, I invite you to take the quiz!  Although it is sometimes a bit uncomfortable to assess our own behavior or that of our loved ones, it is important to know whether our screen-time falls into the category of.... a   harmonious passion or an obsessive passion. Here we go. Let's take the quiz! Internet Addiction Test  (Alter, p. 27) Select the response that best represents the frequency of each behavior listed using the scale below. 0 = Not applicable 1 = Rarely 2 = Occasionally 3 = Frequently 4 = Often 5 = Always