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Wellness in the New Year - Step One : Letting Go of Stuff...

"The first wealth is health"  - Ralph Waldo Emerson With the New Year here, many of us are already stressing about what new resolutions or expectations we should place upon ourselves. That is typically followed by the dread of how quickly we will break them or not measure up to them.  I have a suggestion - let's greet the New Year by letting go of stuff. Lots of Stuff!! By stuff, I mean anything! It could be letting go of .... a person or persons- a toxic relationship, an unhealthy partner, a dysfunctional family member, a negative group... a place or thing - the memory of or a tangible reminder of an environment or person that is harmful or unpleasant... an idea or thought - negative life messages, worry, pessimism...  an emotion, attitude or feeling - regret, guilt, grief, anger, blame, self-doubt, disappointment...  a behavior or habit - rescuing unhealthy individuals, over- committing, working too many hours, not eating right or exercising en

Celebration Saboteurs? More Stress-Reducing Keys for the Holidays!

As the holiday celebrations continue over this month and into the next, let's remind ourselves about the two most common celebration saboteurs - our expectations and our losses. Although expectations are a natural part of who we are and are an outgrowth of the norms of families, if we cling on to them too tightly, they can cause us to be uncompromising and unforgiving. Also, because of past unhealthy experiences within families, unrealistic expectations can lead to more disappointment, hurt, and further complicate family dynamics.   This all causes stress! Honor our losses in healing ways. Secondly, whether memories surface of loved ones who have passed and whose presence is missed deeply, or there are reminders of relationships which remain unrepaired, or the emergence of personal or inner personal wounds are re-opened because of the triggers that accompany family gatherings, the profound and poignant presence of loss creates a stress that is deeply entwined i

Cyber Bullying No More with Recovery Expert Holli Kenley 12/03 by The Lifes Dash with Michele Mattia | Parents Podcasts

Michele Mattia is a verteran radio personality with a powerful voice and a compassionate enthusiasm for improving the quality of our lives...and the lives of our children.  Please take a listen... Cyber Bullying No More with Recovery Expert Holli Kenley 12/03 by The Lifes Dash with Michele Mattia | Parents Podcasts