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Relapse - An Informative Conversation with Cathy Taughinbaugh

Cathy Taughinbaugh has an amazing website dedicated to serving those who struggle with addiction as well as the friends and family who love them and want to support them in healthy ways.  I was privileged to be a guest, offering some informative and restorative insights on relapse. Relapse - An Informative Conversation with Cathy Taughinbaugh

A Topic Related To Relapse - Your Worth!

A Great Conversation With Michele Mattia ! Reclaim Your Power ...Remember Your Worth!

A Comfortable Safe Conversation About Relapse...Of All Kinds!

Relapse is Acceptable on the Path of Recovery in Life 05/13 by Dr Jeanette Gallagher | Blog Talk Radio "Don't stay too long in the shame-filled grounds of relapse.   Fertile soil awaits your return...and your recovering."

Let's Talk About Relapse! Day 3 - "Peeling Away The Shame"

Did you do your homework? Did you spend some time reflecting or writing about your new truth?  Don't feel badly if you didn't!  And, most importantly, don't add more shame onto yourself!!  Start right now!! Here is where we begin... The shame that I am feeling right now is going to provide me with the exact nutrients that I need to grow again. How is that possible?  Just stay with me... and let's begin our work. Let's start peeling away the shame and see what we find! For me, shame feels like layers and layers of blankets that are smothering me . I can't get out from underneath them, and, I don't have the strength to throw them all off, to toss them away. So, I do it a little at a time. I name it and begin removing it. One of my layers of shame is self-blame.  That is huge for me.  I hate disappointing other people, but I hate disappointing myself!! When I relapsed several years ago, I still remember the shroud of self-blame that was wrapped