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From Self-Shaming To Becoming Enough: Week Five - Healing

  Week Five -  “From Self-Shaming To Becoming Enough: Healing” For the past many weeks, we have been discussing Self-Sh aming. In week one, "Self-Shaming: Increasing Our Understanding"   we explored our Self-Shaming life-messages – the internal dialogue we say to ourselves about our lack of worth and value.   In week two,  "Self-Shaming: External Causes" , we learned that the genesis of many of our Self-Shaming life-messages comes from Primary Care-Givers, Environments of Betrayal, and Social Media. However, in week three,  "Self-Shaming: Internal Causes" we also learned that Self-Shaming life-messages evolve from Our Beliefs, Our Choices, and Our Unworthy Attachments. We acknowledged that there can be cross-over with any of the areas of causation.   In week four "Self-Shaming: It's Impact On Us,"   we explored how Self-Shaming can be a contributing factor to our Psychological, Physical, Inner Personal, and Relational wellbeing. Be