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How To Tech-Protect Our Kids: 5 Must-Reads and an APP!

Parents and Guardians, every generation has it challenges. We certainly had ours and our children have theirs! However, there is something very uniquely problematic about raising children in this digital age. The emerging and ever-present scientific advancements which offer 24/7 communication and social interaction and supposedly are "connecting" us to one another more rapidly and efficiently are the same technological tools which are changing who we are and cultivating a "disconnect" with one another. Although research is  mounting in support of "tech-effects" on our children,  we also know that adults are not immune to many of the psychological, relational,  physical, and behavioral consequences of passive and interactive time spent on screens. Why is this so hard to believe?  Why do we want to turn away from what is going on?  This is important.  I think the first reason is because we - as parents - do not want to think we might be