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Blindsided by the Betrayal Bandit? Understanding why it hurts so badly!

Over the past several weeks, we have been talking about a very debilitating injury - betrayal. To gain a better understanding of betrayal and the recovering information we've covered, I encourage you to read the previous blogs before moving ahead:  Blindsided by the Betrayal Bandit? (1) Hold is on the way!!  ; (2) What is behind the mask? ;  (3) Feeling "Confused, Worthless and Powerless"?  ; and (4) Free yourself from four painful traps!   Today, we will tackle our last blog in this series, but it is perhaps the most important one - understanding why injury from betrayal hurts so badly.  When we can make sense of why we are feeling incredible pain,  or when we come to learn that there are sound explanations for the debilitating  states  we find ourselves in, an inner level of comfort takes hold and our healing begins. Let's examine two features of betrayal which explain why we hurt so badly.  #1 Underlying principle of betrayal  Eac

The Power of a Promise: One Mother's Message

The month of May brings with it "Mother's Day". For many it is a day of loving remembrance and celebration of mothers who created, nurtured, and protected their children. In preparing to write my blog for this special occasion, I found myself wondering what to write. What could I offer readers that I had not written about or that they had not read already? How could I encourage or inspire mothers, fathers, and their children? And then, I thought about my daughter, my role as a mother, and The Power of a Promise. The Power of a Promise Growing up in a chaotic and unhealthy environment, I did not understand what was going on around me. Issues of addiction and anger plagued our family and escalated over time. As our family grew, my mother became more emotionally absent, physically negligent, and psychologically unwell. Most of the time, I felt afraid and alone. By the time I was eleven, I no longer felt safe. By the time I was eleven, I made myself a promise -