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"Screen Kids": An Audio Series!!

Insights Into Education Podcast  presents"Screen Kids!"  Our  motivation is simple. Our hearts are heavy with concern and care for your children's health and well-being. This first part of a five-part series is a gentle introduction for parents, guardians, and for anyone entrusted with the health and well-being of our children.   Holli speaks with educators  Ed Berger and Dan Kenley   presenting information about the damage electronic screens (smart phones, iPads, video games) have on our children's health. Because Holli is concerned that much of this new information will cause an overreaction and possibly generate guilt and negative responses, she takes a soft-spoken but professional approach.  She identifies dangers and offers courses of action that will alleviate these problems. The next episodes go deeper into the issues we all need to be aware of. Real Power Means Being Informed! Take a listen!    Screens Kids Introduction : Why Should We Ca

"Me Too" - What Victims Want You To Know...And Do

Once again the news has broken exposing a famous individual as a chronic sexual abuser and violator of women. As the number of victims continues to rise, a collective compassionate response has also taken hold.  A movement  - "Me Too" - has gone viral with females from all walks of life courageously coming forward with their disclosures of  victimization from sexual harassment and assault.  As an advocate of victims of any kind of abuse or trauma including sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying/cyber bullying and as a victim myself, I am encouraged by the outpouring of support. At the same time, it is important to remind ourselves how we have arrived at a place in our culture where sexual harassment and assault is pandemic, not only for females but also for males.  Although I will provide you with additional readings and resources at the end of the blog,  today I want to address...  "Me Too" - What Victims Want You To Know...And Do What victims wa