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"The Me You Can't See": How To Stop Hiding Behind Your Hurt and Start Sharing Your Story

Oprah Winfrey  and  Prince Harry have produced a new series on mental health - "The Me You Can't See"  If  the words, "the me you can't see" speak to you in any way, I encourage you to watch this powerful series. If you're feeling like an imposter or unseen because you are hiding behind your hurt, the stories of shared suffering in "The Me You Can't See" will connect with you in ways which you may not have felt before.   Inspired by the series, today's blog is a personal message to you. Because of the stigma and shame around the fragility of our mental health, many of  us walk around with emotional and psychological wounds thinking it is better to pretend that nothing is wrong than to admit our lives are not working for us in the ways we have dreamed of and desired. I hope today's blog will encourage you to share your feelings and allow yourself to be seen.  Although there are many reasons why individuals don't seek help or de