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Detached Families, Disconnected Relationships, and Distracted Students: 4 Non-Negotiable Steps To Reclaim Them!

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to the staff of a comprehensive high school in Southern California about Screen Dependence. Because it is also a boarding school, I was able to connect with the academic faculty as well as the home-living staff. For three hours, we covered a lot of material: cyber bullying, screen dependence, and the growing health concerns within eac h. We also discussed several strategies and interventions for moving forward. Although I presented a research-based workshop, I was also mindful of involving the audience in several interactive exercises in order for the material to connect with them.  I was hoping they would welcome the participation. Wow!  I was warmed by their honesty and involvement, and I felt the heaviness in their voices as they described their experiences with.... Detached Families, Disconnected Relationships, and Distracted Students. Alone together Over the past decade, I have had the privilege to present to many incredible aud

How Do You Become Empowered? Your Glass Casing Awaits Your Response.

How Do We Become Empowered ? Empowered is a word we hear frequently.  It suggests strength.  Although its connotations are appealing, it often times feels out of reach.  It is like an exquisite diamond ring casting its sparkle through the glass casings of a high-priced jewelry boutique.  Its magnificence catches our eye, and for a moment, we wonder what it would feel like to try it on. How would it transform us? Who could we become? We pause, allowing ourselves time to think about it. We may even give ourselves permission to believe a transformation could happen. Then, just as the brilliant vision of a different way of being begins to descend upon us, it quickly dissipates. Why is it that becoming empowered seems to elude us?   Is it really out of reach or is it a question of knowing where to find it and how to try it on? Is it really out of reach? The word empowered begins with a very important prefix – em – which means within and through. Thus, becoming empowered is