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Sexual Assault Thrives in the Secrecy and Silence of Closed Systems - An Update

With the news coverage of the secrecy and silence surrounding a plethora of sexual assault cases within a "closed system" (this time a USA gymnastics organization) , it is important to revisit steps for   Proactive Parenting in the protection of children and in the advocacy of victims. For the purposes of today's  blog, I am going to focus on Proactive Principle #2.  Visit Proactive Parenting (full blog)   for Proactive Principle #1 .  Tragically, because of on-going sexual assaults of students on our college campuses and universities, examples and statistics will be incorporated to illustrate specific concepts and principles. Proactive Parenting Principle #2    is a tough one - rarely discussed but critically important. Again, integrate it into your mindset and apply it to your parenting style. Here we go. Let's look at how we can protect our children and prevent them from being at risk in predatory, secretive, closed environments  or systems of abuse and/or a

How To Live Your Life "Another Way"!

Get Ready To Live Your Life "Another Way"! As a former public educator for almost thirty years and as a twenty year Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have taken special interest in the well-being of young people and their individual struggles.  Focusing much of my work in the recovery areas of abuse and trauma, I honed my skills around conceptualizations of individual worth and their relationship to personal choice.  With a heavy heart and a sense of responsibility to create a healthy alternative to external forces of influence on young people today, I offer  Another Way – inviting readers (both young and adult) on an intimate journey into the lives of teenagers as they make personal choices around social behaviors and offering them a pathway for self-discovery and empowerment.                              Meet Chloe Wheeler Blending together psychologically-based cognitive-behavioral methodologies and narrative skills, I set out to weave to