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Are My Friendships Healthy? 3 Qualities To Consider: #1 EASY

Friendships!   What would our lives be without them? We develop friendships in the most natural of gatherings including our families, school, work, places of worship, service organizations, community causes, and sports interests. In more recent times, our network of friendships has grown exponentially as we connect with individuals in our cyber lives. Friendships meet all kinds of needs and serve us in all kinds of ways. Some are extremely important to us; others are less so.  With TV shows, media, and social networking redefining friendship, it can be confusing as to what healthy friendship is. Friendship is a critical component of many relationships, such as marriages or partnerships. However, for the purposes of   this series, we are focusing on any close friends currently in our lives.   These are friendships which may be relatively new or they may be longstanding. Either way, we have chosen to invest ourselves, our time, and our resources into these individuals who are imp

Secrecy and Silence Protect Environments of Sexual Assault: How Parents Can Protect Their Children From Them

* This blog contains sensitive material which may not be suitable for minors. With the news coverage of the  secrecy and silence surrounding an international pandemic of sexual assault cases within a "faith-based closed system ," it is important to revisit steps for Proactive Parenting  in the protection of children and in the advocacy of victims. For the purposes of today's  blog, I am going to focus on  Proactive Principle #2.  Visit  Proactive Parenting   for  Proactive Principle #1 .  Tragically, because of on-going sexual assaults of students on our college campuses and universities, examples and statistics will be incorporated to illustrate specific concepts and principles. However, these concepts and principles apply to all "closed systems" where secrecy and silence protect environments of sexual assault.  Proactive Parenting Principle #2    is a tough one - rarely discussed but critically important. Again, integrate it into your mindset and ap

My Last Three Conversations With My Mother

Opening On February 14, 2018,  "Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothers: Moving From Brokenness To Wholeness"  was released. During the past year, one of the questions I’ve been asked is, “Holli, why would you write a book about mothers, daughters, and betrayal?” Others have inquired, “Are you angry with your mother?” My response is always the same.   It is because I am in a place of acceptance with my mom that I wrote this book.   It is because I’ve done the hard work of   healing many injuries and injustices in my life that I wrote this book. And, most importantly, it is because this book is not about blaming or bashing mothers. It is about Daughters. It is about Daughters who chose wellness over victimhood. It is about Daughters who did not get bitter; they got better. And in doing so, they came to a place of peace and acceptance – first with themselves and then with their mothers. One of the many lessons in  "Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothers: M