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Talking "Relapse" with Victor Schueller | Blog Talk Radio

    Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back...One Breath at a Time An Honest Conversation About Relapse!  You Are Not Alone!! Guest - Holli Kenley 04/29 by Victor Schueller | Blog Talk Radio

Let's Talk About Relapse! Day 2 -"Shame"

Today...let's just zero in on the topic of shame .   Let's get it out in the open!  Let's talk about what it does to us. It keeps us stuck. We don't feel there is any way out.  We give up before we have even started.   It keeps us shut down.  We keep playing those 'negative tapes' in our heads convincing ourselves that we are nothing, losers, no good. It robs us of all the good parts of ourselves.  We 'become' the shame.  We forget that we are more than 'it'.  It suffocates us!  We can't even begin to take in any kind of healthy flow because we continue to breathe in toxic air!   So what is actually going on with us?  What is shame all about?  Think about this: S   -    Self H   -    Hatred A   -    And M   -   Malignant E    -   Embarrassment Yes, we made bad choices. We betrayed ourselves by choosing the wrong people, places, and things.  Yes, we put ourselves in harm's way.  We blew it!  We let go of the thi

Let's Talk About Relapse! Day 1!!

Over the next several weeks, I want to talk to you about Relapse....  I know... its a subject that we don't like to discuss.  It's a word that has all kinds of negative connotations associated with it - failure...disappointment...guilt...self-blame...worthlessness...looser.. .and the worst one of all - shame.   And this is exactly why we need to discuss it!  All those feelings and emotions are real.  And yes, we are responsible for our choices that  led us to relapse.  At the same time, in order for us to get out from underneath that mountain of shame that we have piled on ourselves, we need to talk about it! And, we need to get to work to dig ourselves out! Why am I choosing the subject of Relapse?  To be honest with you, my newest book that was just released in on this very subject - Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back...One Breath at a Time.   This book details my story - my descent into a painful place and my regression into old toxic patterns of think

How to Respect Your Voice - Especially in the Digital Age!

We live in a time when 'the good news is' - everyone has a voice!  We live in a time when 'the bad news is' - everyone has a voice! It is incredibly freeing and exciting to be able to state our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to a vast audience with just the click of a tab or key.  At the same time, whenever we do so, we not only open ourselves up for constructive comment or criticism or perhaps even affirmation, but often we  put ourselves at risk for judgment, evaluation, and incredible injury. How then, do we respect our voices especially in the digital age? Many times our voice is disrespected because we are not as selective and discerning as we need to be in our disclosures. First, we must value the content of what we have to say . And, we must respect the way we deliver our words and to whom we deliver them.  Yes, we need to take ownership of our words and demonstrate that we value our voice.  In order to practice this, start implementing a strategic g