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"Untamed" Teaches Us About The Cages We Live In: How Do We Break Free?

During the past year, several of my adult female clients excitedly shared about a book they had read and how it had helped them in numerous ways. Because I want to be able to connect with teachings which are meaningful to my clients, I ordered and read  "Untamed: stop pleasing, start living"  by Glennon Doyle . Not only have I read it several times, but I have also listened to the audiobook, in full, twice.  Today's blog is not a review of  "Untamed." There are thousands of them on Amazon. The purpose of today's blog is to tap into the powerful message of how "Untamed" Teaches Us About The Cages We Live In, and to explore How Do We Break Free?  In doing so, we will highlight two important cages  -  the unhealthy relationships we have with others and the one we have with ourselves.  Because I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my work is specifically tailored to the healing of relationships. When my clients come to me, most are in very b