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Brave Beautiful Men Shedding Toxic Masculinity & Sharing Truthful Messages

For the past eleven years, Co-Founder of  Creative Change Conferences “It Happens To Boys” Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT, has   provided a safe platform for bringing healing to an invisible and deeply injured population in our societies - men who were sexually traumatized as boys. Male presenters of notoriety and men known only to those who are blessed to know them unveiled their narratives of past abuse and ensuing recovery, dismantling normative destructive life-messages of what is it “to be a man” and reconstructing new life-messages based on honesty, compassion, and self-love. As each presenter told his truths, each emphasized the importance of breaking through the cultural and societal barriers of toxic masculinity, unwritten norms which define adherence to male gender roles and restrict the kinds of emotions allowable for boys and men. Thus, on a warm fall day in October 2019 in Southern California, USA,   individual professionals in the mental health field, recovery organizations, a