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Domestic Violence: What's Worth Got To Do With It?

October is a busy month. Along with  Breast Cancer  and   Anti-Bullying Awareness  , it is also a time when we turn our attention to  Domestic Violence Prevention . Over the past several months, Domestic Violence  has been in the spotlight as video evidence has surfaced of well-known individuals allegedly abusing their partners. Domestic Violence is a complex issue with numerous theories regarding causation as well as sound approaches that address intensive treatment for the perpetrators and recovering programs for the victims. I believe there is a missing piece - an underlying psychological component - which is not talked about. Get ready as we answer the question - What's Worth Got To Do With It?    Do You Feel Valuable? As we consider the role of victims, let's take a look at two correlations between Worth and Domestic Violence. First, many victims have a history of low self-worth .This lack of worth may come from difficult childhoods, dysfunctional relation