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Unwired and Face to Face

It was last summer, but I remember as if it were yesterday, The image forever etched upon my soul. A family gathered together sharing b arbeque with close friends, No technology to fill the space - only conversation and eager ears. With plates of lean steak, bowls of salads, and baskets of breads passed among us, The young adults home from college filled their bellies and we ours. Dad bantered with his grown children and laughter sprinkled over the table, No technology to distract attention - eyes on the speaker and minds present. The flow of food and drink continued for hours and yet it flew by, Family stories told from years past and we too told our own. Mom's nurturing spirit brought warmth to more delicate conversation, No technology to interrupt the flow of empathy - each person available for the other. Stomach beckoned for a pause, but soon deserts galore arrived, And a calm settled in as the sun started to disappear . Plans, dreams, and hopes were explored