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Wondering What Gift To Give? Put A Little Sunshine In Someone's Life!

As the holiday season is upon us, it is only natural to think about what gifts we want to give and to receive. Everywhere we look, there is a ton of stuff from which to choose. And with all the advertisements in the stores as well as on our technology, there is no escaping the message – Buy!  Buy!  Buy! It can be overwhelming and expensive. And yet, there is something we can give that is not only completely free but it will give back to us as well! What can this gift be? Many years ago, I taught 8 th grade English and literature at a brand new middle school in Southern California. I will never forget my first year there where I met an extraordinary student named Sunshine. With her long auburn wavy locks bouncing around her shoulders, her freckled face and pearly white teeth, and always wearing very simple and clean but worn clothes, Sunshine entered our classroom every day with a positive selfless attitude.  Whether it was before school started, or during lunch, or after 6