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100,000 Views! Self-Worth vs Cyber-Worth!

Being an author in today's times, it is mandatory to embrace as many of the social networking platforms as I possibly have time for. As much as I resisted this practice in the earlier years of my writing career - blogging, posting, tweeting, texting, pinning, face-booking, sharing, uploading, liking, linking, and so on - have all become part of my daily routine! Along with the accumulation of multiple sources of networking, it is just as important - or even more important - to rack up as many followers, views, circles, friends, visits, boards, likes, posts, subscribers, groups, and so forth - in order to get in the game and stay in the game. And so for the past few months, I have been paying close attention to my Google + page, watching the number of views climb....and climb. Over the past few weeks, my cyber-worth has continued to soar. I've felt a bit of an adrenaline rush as I see it nearing a number I did not think possible for me - 100,000 views! I have to admit, the past

Get Ready To Get Empowered! Part II - Podcast Series

Jedlie  of  We Choose Respect Podcast  &  Holli Kenley Present  ~ Another Way Wednesday ParentCast ~ An entertaining and informative series about the characters, the story-line, and the lessons in " Another Way "! Parents, Youth, and Youth Leaders! Get a copy of "Another Way" and follow along! Or, take a listen and learn! Either way... Get Ready to Get Empowered! Another Way Wednesday Series! Part II Parents and Guardians, because we respect you...please note this series is for you and your children -  ages 11 and over . We recommend you listen first, and then listen with them! If you missed Part I, take a listen. Get Ready To Get Empowered! Part I - Podcast Series! Lessons Six - Nine! Lesson Six - Finding Another Way Back When our children stumble and fall, what are they feeling and how can they begin again? How does forgiveness relate to their worth  and making healthy decision?