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Newtown - A Moment Of Silence...A Time To Be Still

Psalm 46:10   Be still...and know that I am God. Today marks one week since the horrifying events at Sandy Brook Elementary School.  As we each take time to remember all the victims, their families, their loved ones, their friends and the entire community with a moment of silence, I encourage each one of us to be still. There have been so many voices this past week. We are all desperately grappling with how to make sense out of something that does not make sense. Experts as well as a myriad of solicited and unsolicited spokespersons are attempting to sort and sift through the emotional rubble in a hopeful attempt to figure out reasonable sensible solutions, or if there is possibly a pathway that will lead us to a safer way of being. In the fury of it all, sometimes our minds begin to spin with all the noise around us. Today, in remembrance of the precious beings who were taken from us, calm your mind. As you do so, consider the verse from Psalm 46:10... Be still.